I have been taking MMF for almost two years.  The most profound thing I can honestly say about MMF and Engage Global is that they both have changed my life!  I was feeling old and run down far too soon for being 60 years old.  Since MMF came into my life I feel as though I’m starting out in life again!

I Joined Engage Global in June 2014 after I was given a sample.  Shortly after that I completed the St. George Ironman.  I was astounded at how quickly I healed and recovered from the race.  That same day I joined Engage Global, and cracked my ribs while mountain biking.  I assumed that my chances for completing my next Ironman race and having the ability to continue to treat patients was compromised.  I was delightfully surprised when in two and a half weeks my ribs had healed completely.  This was a far shorter time period then the 3 to 4 month period I had expected.  Being a competitive athlete I reveled in the fact that I now could recover so quickly from intense exercise.  It made me feel like I had become 10 years younger.

Engage Global has changed my life.  I have struggled with health issues for years.  Once I started taking MMF I no longer relied on my medications for my Diabetes and I haven’t needed to take a daily aspirin for my chronic migraines.  I’ve tried so many products and finally found something that actually works!  Thank you Engage Global.

My father has been suffering with Alzheimer’s disease for a while now.  The disease caused him to forget our names, he became extremely paranoid and very angry at the world and at my mother.  We started him on MMF and within 2 weeks I made a phone call to my parent’s house and my father answered the phone which was unusual.  After talking for a minute he told me my mom wasn’t home and that he would tell her to call me back.  I didn’t think much of it and figured I’d just call back later.  Later that day I received a phone call from my mom who told me that dad had mentioned I had called, and that he had called me by name – something that hasn’t happened in a long time.  He’s now been on MMF for 6-7 weeks and he is calmer and doesn’t get enraged like he used to.  We took my parents out to celebrate their 58th anniversary and my dad was smiling, laughing and teasing just like he used to.  It hasn’t and probably won’t cure the Alzheimer’s disease but it has caused some of those symptoms to subside a little and he has regained some cognitive abilities.  I know it’s the MMF that has been causing the improvements because nothing else has worked so far.

I an 77 years young and very active!  Yet, I have struggled with an under-active thyroid my whole life and a lower-than-average temperature (97.2).  I began taking MMF and the results I saw were amazing!  My temperature is now at a consistent and normal level of 98.6.  I find that I am more rested.  I am able to fall asleep quickly and have a deeper sleep than ever before.  I have more energy during the day and no longer need to take an afternoon nap.  I have been a lot happier and I have more motivation to accomplish my everyday tasks.  Thank you MMF!

In early January 2015 I developed significant left shoulder pain.  Unfortunately as a chiropractor, having an injured shoulder is not conducive to a successful practice.  Having numerous modalities at my disposal, I tried many over the first week with no success.  I had an MRI performed which revealed many problems.  I tried different approaches to help my shoulder, but none of them seemed to work.  Finally, months after my injury, a friend of mine introduced me to MMF.  After attending a meeting and doing plenty of research, I began taking the product.  It has now been three months since I began taking MMF and I can honestly say my shoulder is 70-80% better.  It does not wake me up at night, nor inhibit my work.  I am able to play hockey again and I no longer have to think twice about how I want to move my arm to do simple tasks.  I can honestly say that I equate this improvement of my physical condition with the MMF product.  It is the only different thing I have added to my nutritional and therapeutic regiment, since I’ve experienced this significant improvement.  

My youngest daughter has Down syndrome, a destructive disease that attacks the brain increasingly as they mature.  I have fed her healthy food for most of her life and tried to compensate for all the damage she was fighting, but she had issues, especially with communicating.  She began taking MMF in January of 2014 and within ten days she called me on my way home from work and had a half hour conversation on the phone, something she had never done before in her life!  She has now finished high school, has a job working at our local UPS store, and most importantly, contributes to her community and her family as a capable, happy and loving human being!  I will be forever grateful that the neurology and behavioral issues that plagued her, and her painful and irregular menses, are now a thing of the past.  There is nothing on earth to compare with the micronutrient and antioxidant power of MMF!

I was diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome when I was six years old and spent most of my adolescent and teenage life experimenting with different medications and regiments to try and reduce some of the symptoms.  It wasn’t until my grandfather insisted that I try MMF that I began to see real results.  Not only has MMF calmed the symptoms of my Tourette’s but it has helped my overall health.  I feel more vibrant than I ever have before and I am also able to sustain energy throughout the day.  I sleep much better than I used to and it is easier for me to control my thoughts and redirect myself back on task.  It has also helped my ADD and ADHD fairly well.  I’m so thankful for MMF!

I suffered from neuropathy and depression for over a year.  My neuropathy was so bad that every time I tried to get in and out of bed my feet would hurt so badly that it felt like I was walking on golf balls.  I couldn’t even put covers over my feet at night because it would cause too much pain.  My depression started to affect my life.  I’d get up in the morning, sit in my chair and wouldn’t move all day long.  After 3 days of being on MMF, my neuropathy disappeared.  I don’t feel it a bit anymore.  I have so much more energy and it feels so good to be alive again.  I’m a different person.

I’ve had hip problems and arthritis for a long time.  I used to lie in bed at night and have to constantly change positions because my hip would start aching.  Now I can sleep the whole night in one position without any pain.  We love MMF because we can see the results, we know it works.

When I was first introduced to MMF, I was skeptical.  I had been taking supplements for over 30 years in hopes of relieving my pain, fatigue, poor memory, depression and overall poor health.  They had helped me some, but I still wasn’t able to work and was taking narcotics for the pain I was experiencing.  I had to nap 2-3 hours every day to make up for the poor quality of sleep I got at night.  Skeptical as I was, I still agreed to try the MMF sample that was offered to me.  The first day I took it I noticed an energy spurge and my pain decreased.  Within 2 weeks, I was hiking 2-3 miles again without it resulting in any nighttime pain.  I felt my ‘brain fog’ lifting and I no longer needed to take naps during the day.  I felt a zest for life and was able to go out in the evening after a full day.  I enjoyed cooking again as well as many other things that were burdensome before MMF.  I still have Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Degenerative Disc Disease and other ‘labels’ of poor health but I feel better than I have in over 40 years.  I don’t ever want to be without MMF and am so grateful to Engage Global for bringing it into the world.

I love getting my hands on anything that will make me as healthy as I can be, therefore I love taking the best and latest nutritional products.  After I found MMF I really didn’t have to spend my money taking all those other products, because MMF has improved my life dramatically.  I have always found it very difficult to lose 20 pounds, especially being at the age of 60.  However, thanks to MMF I am receiving the nourishment and extra beneficial health my body needs.  At 60, I am in the best shape since I was in my 20’s.  I have shared MMF with my friends who love the product and how much it improves their lives.

I am a diabetic, therefore I am insulin dependent and since taking MMF I have noticed a huge drop in need for my insulin intake.  MMF had also increased my energy levels, helped my lower back pain and increased my overall strength.  At the age of 48 I am constantly being told that I look as if I’m 34.  This product is amazing.  

I recently had a stroke that affected my speech and it really zapped my energy.  Since I have been taking MMF, my energy level has increased and my speech has come back a lot, and continues to improve.  It’s cleared up my allergies and my blood pressure has come down too.  I feel great on it.